Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturn’s Returning, and Boy Is He Ticked!

Astrology is more complex than the blurb in most papers pertaining to one’s sun sign. In fact, in order to benefit from an astrological report one must take into account where all of the major planets are (and in some cases stars and asteroids) at the time of birth. Each planet carries a significance pertaining to the way in which one will experience different facets of life. The closer planets speak to individualized facets of personality beyond the basic Sun and Moon signs. The more distant planets are harbingers of how one’s experiences will be shaped by culture, generation, and daily experiences as he or she ages.

With the passing of time, the planets travel and eventually return to the placement they held in the individual’s birth chart. The closer planets return more rapidly. Each birthday is a “solar return” etc. While planetary returns vary in significance there is a special emphasis given to the slower planets whose returns happen only occasionally in the lifespan, marking milestones.  Most famous is the “Saturn Return.”   Usually at age 28.5 to 30, the Saturn return marks a point in life where one would first experience the pain of restriction, karma, penalty, discipline, and the harsh realities of responsibility and burden.

Saturn is not a negative force. He carries the energy of Kronos, Father Time: the archetypal strict father and disciplinarian. It is through Saturn that we experience difficult challenges. These challenges teach profound lessons, albeit ones that most of us would have rather learned third hand! The Saturn Return is the growing up phase, where youth is officially over and any remaining pink cloud has officially given way to rain. Not to worry - Saturn’s intention is not torture for the sake of cruelty. Through his lessons of strife and struggle, Saturn is teaching what we are truly made of, and we are all the stronger from what we learn.

Whether through divorce, experiencing the first significant loss of someone close to you, financial crisis, the milestone of becoming a parent with responsibilities or any number of situations, Saturn is the buzz-kill of the Zodiac. The manifestation of these struggles will correspond to the sign and house in which Saturn is found in one’s natal chart. For example, Saturn returning to the sign of Pisces in the fourth house of family, real estate and the home, may indicate that someone experiences a profound crisis when illusions about their dream home turn out to be false. The happy home and family may experience financial struggle if decisions had previously been based on fleeting whims and romantic desires without much grounding in reality, and secrets or hidden problems within the family may be revealed at this time. The home and family may also be burdened with a crisis related to addiction.

The Saturn return occurs again another 28.5 to 30 years later in life, this time it is said to be less severe - one has already adjusted to the initial harsh reality of life not always being fair or fun, and this time it is more likely to correspond to a mid life crisis of identity, the sudden realization that time is moving faster and one’s dreams and accomplishments may not meet with earlier expectations.

Have no fear, Saturn’s lessons bring strength, determination, hard work and discipline. The situations do not make or break us, our reactions to such situations determine the final outcome.

Article by: Angela Kaufman.  Angela is a Priestess for the Dragon Warriors of Isis Coven in Upstate, New York, and the co-author of Wicca: What's the Real Deal?  She is a professional tarot reader.For more information about Wicca: What's the Real Deal? visit

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