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Samhain Gifts the Witch in Your Life Will Appreciate

It must be said that there are as many types of modern Witches as there are types of modern people. Perhaps birthday gifts for your loved one are easy to figure out. After all, you know them first as a person, and then as a Wiccan. What better way to surprise your loved one by coming up with a gift for those other special occasions? Even better, imagine the look of joy and surprise when your loved one receives a card, gift, and “Happy Sabbat” greeting? The smiles of course will be followed by gasps of “How did you know what Sabbat it is?!”

This easy guide will help you to stay in tune with the special times of celebration for the Witch in your life as well as typical gifts that correspond to these celebrations. Bear in mind that there are many traditions in the Wiccan faith and some traditions may use alternate names etc. The gesture of acknowledging the special days for your loved one will likely exceed any unintended mistake such as a card saying “Happy Lammas” instead of “Happy Lughnasadh” but when in doubt, ask your loved one or one within the Wiccan community for clarification.

Samhain - Celebrate the New Year early - that is early for you, and right on time for the Witch you love. October 31st marks the entry into the darker half of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is no secret to you, you know the days are shortening and the air is cooler. What you may not realize is that to your Wiccan loved one this is a tremendously special day. It is not only one of the few days that it is socially acceptable to be “Witchy” in full force, but it is also a time where the veil between the living world and afterworld dissipates. This makes it a special time to commune with ancestors, perform divination, and  honor the deceased. Special gifts for this Sabbat include anything that could honor and recognize the life and legacy of those who have passed.

Some creative ideas are Photo or other memorials, scrapbooks, even an electronic slideshow setting photographs of the ancestors and deceased loved ones to appropriate music. A family heirloom or relic of another time is another special gift for this time of year as it reconnects the Witch to his or her past and heritage.

Then there is the fun through horror angle. Some Witches enjoy entertainment found in ghost stories and this can be a great time to set the mood for the Sabbat by having a marathon ghost story night with special themed dinner. Perhaps Ghoulish Goulash! Playing up the excitement and even romantic reminiscence of other times presented in ghost stories with a special meal prepared in a traditional style (maybe even a family’s traditional recipe) can also set the tone and connect the events of the night to the heritage and ancestors, and provide another link from past to present. Be sure to consider what types of ghostly entertainment your loved one favors. There are some forms of horror or ghost stories that some Witches find offensive. If unsure, stick with ghost stories based on real events, or even historical or legendary tales that conjure up a connection to the past and the dead.

Divination is traditionally associated with this Sabbat as well. After all, the veil between the realms is gone, intuitive sight is clearer, and hey, its New Year, who wouldn’t want a glimpse of what is to come? If your loved one has a soft spot for one type of divinatory method, a gift related to that would be perfect this time of year. A new deck of Tarot cards for example, or a beautiful decorative box in which to keep the tried and true deck they have used for years. A new set of runes can be easily made for little money from scrap wood chips or purchased inexpensively. Don’t forget that just like hairdressers seldom cut their own hair, sometimes Witches enjoy a real treat of having someone else divine for them, and Samhain makes a great Sabbat for giving the gift of a date to take your loved one to a local reputable psychic reader for a truly meaningful experience.

Since this is one of the few times that black taper candles are easily found, a heartfelt and economical treat can be a surprise of black taper candles as well as incenses and other ritual supplies that any Witch can never have enough of! Also consider a handmade greeting card expressing a sincere “Happy Samhain”. The best gift ever, is the joy of knowing someone cares enough to remember to say “Happy Samhain!”

Article by: Angela Kaufman.  Angela is a Priestess for the Dragon Warriors of Isis Coven in Upstate, New York, and the co-author of Wicca: What's the Real Deal?  She is a professional tarot reader.  For more information about Wicca: What's the Real Deal? visit

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