Monday, November 21, 2011

Activity Planning for Wiccan Youth Clubs

There are fun, educational, and socially conscious activities that youth can explore that would promote and develop their identity as Wiccans.  One of the most important things to bear in mind when planning these activities is that whatever is done under the public banner of “Wiccan Club” will be a representation to the community of what Wiccans do.  Just as a community would take note if a troop of Boy Scouts were caught hosting a rowdy party, so too would a club of this nature draw attention and negative judgment if it’s members were to present out of alignment with their true ideals and philosophy. Also of importance in forming a club for Wiccan teens is to be sure to consider safety measures in determining logistics of club leadership, meeting places etc.  Be extremely cautious when establishing leadership for such a club as it will be essential that a credible individual, preferably one met by parents of youth joining the club and approved of by the same, is overseeing club activities.

A good place to start in solidifying a club for Wiccan teens would be to grow in understanding of the 13 Goals of a Witch.  In fact, an ongoing project for this group could be to focus on one goal at a time for 13 consecutive months and establish projects for individuals as well as the group to explore what each of these goals mean.  As an example, goal number one is “Know Thyself,” so activities and journaling assignments can be used to enhance exploration of this goal.  To make things fun, these activities could extend to art making, writing, music making etc.  One of the ending projects could be the topic of a local art show.  Another goal, “Keeping Words and Thoughts in Good Order,” could be attained through a challenge of practicing assertiveness with others and committing to abstain from aggressive, impulsive, or harmful speech. 

Activities that enhance the concept of honoring of the God and Goddess through the care of Mother Earth as well as nature and animal life would be perfect activities for Wiccan clubs to show their true colors as well as to get valuable experience in community service while strengthening their connection to Nature.  Weekly or monthly service days in which members volunteer collectively at animal shelters, neighborhood cleanup projects, or get involved in animal or environmental protection campaigns can be great and exciting ways to bring the spirituality of Wicca into a mundane and practical use.  The experience gained in volunteer work is priceless to both the volunteer and those on the receiving end of such charitable work.  Working to give back to nature and animals also increases the connection to Mother Earth.

Other activities that can help with group cohesiveness and enhance study of the Craft can be established through group practice of psychometry or telepathy.  This can be turned into a series of games.  For example, each member of the group can present an object such as a watch, piece of jewelry or picture.  Then distribute the items to someone else so no one ends up with the item with which they are familiar.  Each member will then hold the item in their receptive hand and attempt to receive psychic impressions from the energy of the item.  Other games can be created with the purpose of enhancing group members’ abilities to give and receive psychic impressions to each other, and things like photographs, cards, or small items can be used as props to enhance this practice in earlier stages.

Arts and craft activities are great for Wiccan Clubs as well.  Brooms, cauldrons, wands, grimoires, and other common tools can be created or enhanced by refurbishing old items collected or recycled materials.  To add even more variety, if each member of the group brings one collected item to contribute to making a single tool, creativity as well as teamwork can be enhanced. 

There is no limit on types of activities that can be implemented for fun, learning, networking, and the pursuit of social justice or environmental protection.  These activities can give Wiccan club members a chance to grow in their own faith and demonstrate a positive attitude in the community thereby role modeling what following the Wiccan faith really means.

Angela Kaufman is the coauthor of Wicca: What's the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions, along with Patricia Gardner and Dayna Winters.  The book is available at, Barnes and,, and fine bookstores everywhere.

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