Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Hermit-Illuminated by Inner Light

The Hermit is a mysterious figure in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. He is weathered and wise and has walked a solitary path free from the binds of social constraint and opinion. He has mastered the strength to forge his own road and does not rely on the opinions of others. He is not void of interaction however. In fact, the Hermit holds a lantern to light the way for any who choose to seek his guidance. He does not seek out students but rather patiently awaits those who would join him in search of the road not often traveled.

The Hermit stands on a precipice on a desolate snowy mountain. He looks down where the light from his lantern illuminates a path to be taken by those willing to climb to his ascended but lonely heights. His message brings an invitation to turn within one’s self and likewise turn away from the noise found in the external world. He awaits those who would learn mysteries not often recognized by the mainstream and signals a spiritual if not solitary journey. He also harkens the need to detach from the crowd or more importantly, from the influences of the crowd. Your path, he suggests, lies outside of what those close to you may envision for you. This suggests that it is time to recognize that your pursuits will be taking you down an uncommon path, and that your solutions are not to be too heavily influenced by the mainstream, for their answers will not solve your problems, your situation has become unique and you strive for an original resolution that is spiritually satisfying regardless of the risks involved.

This card also marks a time of learning great valuable lessons. The Hermit is a passive teacher. He is ready to bestow wisdom on others but requires the majority of the effort to be made by his students in the classroom of daily life. The Hermit suggests a time of meeting influential gurus and role models of an unconventional nature and of choosing to follow minority examples rather than majority opinions. It is time to disconnect from mundane chatter and busy work and dig deeper within to align your actions and attitudes with your most spiritual aspirations regardless of short term losses. This card appears to suggest a deeper truth and more integral road awaits you but requires some searching and decision to forego popular opinion to develop in ways that are more spiritually nourishing. This is a great time to take up meditation, monitor your dreams, and become aware of life’s unlikely teachers. It is also a time of evaluating priorities for their value in your highest evolution vs. the service of that which others want for you more than you may desire for yourself. Asking yourself “whose ambitions am I serving?” and reflecting on what and who you are following are key questions when the Hermit appears.

This card also carries a reassuring message to those who have felt abandoned or alone. In solitude there is opportunity for the development of wisdom. Without the distractions and commotion of outside influences one can begin to hear their inner guidance. With a solitary path one has the freedom to adapt and choose what is in their best interest, with guidance that speaks to their truest ambitions. In this sense being alone ceases to be a reason for distress and becomes a temporary phase promoting growth and evolution.

Article by: Angela Kaufman.  Angela is a Priestess for the Dragon Warriors of Isis Coven in Upstate, New York, and the co-author of Wicca: What's the Real Deal?  She is a professional tarot reader.  For more information about Wicca: What's the Real Deal? visit http://www.wwtrd.webs.com.

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